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Thanks for stopping by! I’m an Actor, Writer,  Director and Comedian. I currently perform with FOUR DAY WEEKEND in our two theaters located in Sundance Square, downtown Ft. Worth and our Dallas location off of Lower Greenvile. I’m also the Training Director for Four Day Weekend’s 4U Training Center. Info on upcoming classes can be found on the website:

I recently was a member of the Master Class at the Beverly Hills Playhouse under the direction of the great Howard Deutch (True Blood, American Horror Story, Empire, Pretty in Pink)!  I’m honored to study along side such greats as the late Doris Roberts, Harry Hamlin and Jorge Garcia. I spent many years in the Main Company at ACME Comedy doing sketch comedy and if you have a chance, check out some of my favorites on the Videos-Sketch Comedy page.

I’m very proud to announce an achievement reached in screenwriting. My writing partner, Frank Ford, and I are one of the Top 10 Finalists for the FINAL DRAFT BIG BREAK Screenwriting Competition for 2016 in the Comedy/RomCom category for our script “Pipeline”! Over 2000 scripts were entered and we made the Top 10! To say the least, we are very proud.

“Top-10 Feature

Capable of Murder by Ehren Wiegand & Hubert Wiegand
David of Different Dimensions by Greg Robbins
Derby City by Alexis Perkins
McHenry by Patrick McGowan
Ned by Megan Rico
Pipeline by Frank Ford & Kevin Small
The Excited States of America by David Ray
The Gloomy Gus by Peter Barnes
The Life of Life by Gregory Scott Houghton
The Other Star Wars by Paul Jarnagin”

Here’s my latest spot for Geico. This was an awesome shoot day! Those custom prop logs were amazing! And yes, the chapstick was my idea. The audition notice said, “know it all, nosey neighbor.” We’ve all seen those guys who like to put on their man lipstick while they’re talking to you. I like chapstick, but I don’t have conversations while I apply it!

Here’s my recent spot for Wonderful Halos. The stomach thing is kinda creepy. Funny, but creepy.

Here’s my spot for Lifelock. Fun spot to shoot!  
Here’s one of my all time favorites with the great William Shatner. I loved making this Priceline spot.
Here is my new short film written and directed by the amazing Leizl Carstens.  Very touching story.  Get ready to cry! Here’s my latest commercial for La Quinta. I’m a loser business guy. What? Who would have thought? Here’s another one of my favorites from US Cellular. Goofy sales guy!  “Breaking Bad” is by far my favorite TV show and I had to put this on my site. Back in April, 2007, Bryan Cranston guest hosted a show I was doing at ACME Comedy. He was awesome! Such and pro and sooooo very nice. It was such a pleasure to work with him in a few scenes, and this was my favorite. This show happened right after he had appeared on a short lived improv showed called “Thank God You’re Here”. It was literally right before he started working on “Breaking Bad”. In this sketch, written by Eric Stitt, Bryan plays himself and I play his agent. We’re trying to get his career going again after “Malcolm In The Middle” had finished. We decide that he needs a celebrity stalker. Watch how he channels an early Walter White as he turns the tables on the stalker. It’s a little long, but he is amazing!!! Here’s one of my two ACE Hardware spots! I play “Rod” the nickname guy. Really fun spots! Here’s my VERIZON spot with Moonrise Kingdom’s Jared Gilman.  Click the link to view. Here’s my Allstate Commercial. Check out my grill skill!  Click the link to view. Here’s my most recent AT&T commercial. Here’s an oldie but a goodie I did for Bud Light!

Check out this spot we did for Educate Our State. A little commentary about how politics are ruining education. I’m proud of this spot that I helped write. Below is my most recent comedy video. It’s been chosen as an official selection to the “SketchFest Seattle Film Festival”. It’s stars Mircea Monroe (Showtime’s “Episodes”) as a hot young woman who picks my character up at a bar and takes him back to her place. It doesn’t end up the way he had hoped. Here’s a link to”Redneck Movie Review” and it’s based on sketch that I did at ACME Comedy for years. It’s a public access movie review show set in the tiny fictitious town of Rockview, Texas. The two main characters are Earl and Kitty Westbrook and they like to “review movies and take a look at what’s on their daughter’s IPOD.” Here’s Episode 7 with special guest Mircea Monroe (Showtime’s “Episodes”) playing my daughter Brianna. She’s awesome!!! Here’s my new Comedic Actor Demo Reel.


Also, check out my Top Flite Golf commercial with ESPN’s Kenny Mayne.  My dance moves are old school dog!

Excellent! Kevin Small can garner huge laughs with the simplest delivery or expression.”

Jenelle Riley, BACK STAGE WEST

“Standing out for his expert double takes, slow burns and all-around reliable stage presence is affable every guy Kevin Small.”

– Rob Kendt, L. A. TIMES

“Hilarious! Kevin Small masterfully portrays a variety of characters.”

– Renee Silverman, Tolucan Times

“Kevin Small is wonderful!”

– Laurie Rosenthal, Santa Monica Mirror


  1. u r so funny , one of the best no doubt , i am a fan big time , good luck , hope to catch one of ur shows soon

  2. Enjoyed the AT&T commercial. Enough to visit your site, at least. If you ever do a show in Nashville, I hope to see it. Oh, no offense intended, but you bear a striking resemblence to a very young David Morse. Good luck to you.

    • Thanks! If I ever perform in Nashville, I’ll let you know. David Morse, huh? I’ll take it, since I normally get Bill Clinton.

        • Lily
        • Posted January 10, 2012 at 12:09 pm
        • Permalink

        Hey, thanks for the reply~very cool! And, I hope you make it! I need some good entertainment to make me laugh; everything seems so sad these days. I’ll be the one in back waving the big foam finger that says “#1”. Just kidding! Tennessee isn’t that bad, however watching security escort me out of the building may entertain you. Really kidding, I promise (I’d totally lose my job). Take care.

  3. Hey Kevin! Do you remember my husband John and I from our honeymoon cruise on Royal Carribean? We were the Mormon couple! Haha! Good to see you doing well! Best wishes!

    • Sure, how could I forget young mormons in love. The other couple from the cruise just had a baby. Hope you two are doing well. Thanks for the kind words!

        • Audrey Crisp
        • Posted March 17, 2013 at 1:30 am
        • Permalink

        That’s awesome!!! Thanks for replying back. We have a 16 Month old and one on the way in 2 weeks! Two boys!!! Yikes. Haha. Tell your cute wife hello!

  4. Hi Kevin, do you still remember how to sell a headset? You used to sell them to me in Tulsa,OK. I see you on TV on a regular basis. Hope you’re still doing well.

    • I could probably still sell one. The expense account helped. Things are going great! Hope you and your family are doing well too!

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