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Here’s my latest spot for Geico. This was an awesome shoot day! Those custom prop logs were amazing! And yes, the chapstick was my idea. The audition notice said, “know it all, nosey neighbor.” We’ve all seen those guys who like to put on their man lipstick while they’re talking to you. I like chapstick, but I don’t have conversations while I apply it!

Here’s my recent spot for Wonderful Halos. The stomach thing is kinda creepy. Funny, but creepy.

Here’s my spot for Lifelock. Fun spot to shoot!    Here’s my latest commercial for La Quinta. I’m a loser business guy. What? Who would have thought? Here’s another one of my favorites from US Cellular. Goofy sales guy! Check out this spot we did for Educate Our State. A little commentary about how politics are ruining education. I’m proud of this spot that I helped write.

Here’s my VERIZON spot with Moonrise Kingdom’s Jared Gilman. Click the link to view.

Here’s my Allstate Commercial. Check out my grill skill! Click the link to view.

Here’s my most recent AT&T commercial.

Priceline with William Shatner

AT&T Landscaper

Top Flite with Kenny Mayne

Jack in the Box


Bud Light

Callaway Golf


Domino’s/ESPN Comedy Shorts The Revolution

Domino’s/ESPN Comedy Shorts Ice Hockey

Domino’s/ESPN Comedy Shorts Final Four

Domino’s/ESPN Comedy Shorts Chicago Snow

X Games “Preacher Man Gene Barlow”

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