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Born and raised in Texas, Kevin’s parents mapped out a future that included a college education and a successful white collar business career. After five short years, Kevin received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the prestigious Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas. Okay, it’s not prestigious, but it was still hard. Over the next ten years he excelled in the cutthroat world of Sales and Marketing only to throw it all away to pursue a career in comedy. Wow, were his parents proud. Fortunately, he had some early success in commercials and performed in over 1000 comedy shows over the next five years. His parents finally approved and he moved to California in January of 2000.

He has since become a member of ACME Comedy’s Main Company and also has performed improvisation with the groups “POP” and “The Waterbrains” at the Empty Stage Theater. Kevin can be seen in the HBO comedy special “Sketch Pad 2” and also on reruns of the Sci Fi Channel show “Scare Tactics”. His recent commercial credits include Bud Light as the quarterback tackling referee, BMW, FedEx, Toyota, Burger King, and of course, ESPN/Domino’s Party Planner “Stanley Palochak”.

Kevin also performs with the Ft. Worth based improv group Four Day Weekend.

Next stop, Academy Awards! He might want to do a movie first


  1. Dear Cousin Kevin, I love you in the commercials. I have not seen you in any skits except what is on your website. They are a hoot! You probably don’t remember me. Last time I saw you, I changed your diaper! I believe you had been eating chili…………you ruined my dress. However, you also peed in your own face so I did not feel so bad.
    Love, Cousin Winnie

    • I’ll have to take your word for it. I don’t remember eating chili. I’m sure I pooped on a lot of people, since it’s the baby thing to do. I’m glad you like the commercials. I’m shooting more Verizon spots in a couple of weeks. Hopefully they’ll be funny too!

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